How to prepare pizza at home

We can prepare pizza at home in easy steps.
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Pizza is a French meal, but now these days it is eaten and popular in each and every part of the globe; hence, our country, India, is also familiar with this food. In our country, people's mouths start watering on hearing the name of this dish, especially kids, who love it so much. As we all know, pizza is readily available everywhere, but we must dig deep into our pockets several times. We can get pizza in less money also from some places in the market, but we not get good quality, and we should not play with our health for money, because its well said and well known to all that "Health is Wealth".

Complete guide to prepare pizza at home


Pizza is junk food, which cannot be eaten every day; flour and cheese are used more in it, due to which it is heavy to eat. Why not we should prepare it at our home rather than wasting our valuable money in the market? Making pizza at home is very easy and very tasty too.


         Bread Pizza Recipe to prepare at home

Bread Pizza can also be prepared in easy and quick steps at our home, it can be made in accelerated way than regular pizza and also good for our health because no harmful things will be contained. 

Ingredients for making Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza to prepare at home

  1. Bread Pizza to prepare at home
    • Initially in a bowl mix semolina with milk, add milk until semolina gets soaked in a proper manner. Keep it and wait for 15-20 minutes.


    • Now add other ingredients like finely capsicum, onion, tomato, cabbage, green chili, sweet corn, salt, black pepper and make a mixture.


    • After that extract out the side of 3-4 bread (if you like you can use brown bread also) and spread this mixture over it, on the kindly add cheese.


    • Kindly heat up the microwave in oven mode for 5-10 minutes.


    • In the microwave oven spread the ghee inside, and place this bread over it,


    • In last extract it out and cut it into triangle shape and serve hot with sauce.

PROCESS for preparing pizza at home

  1. PROCESS for preparing pizza at home
    • Very first heat oil in a pot, thereafter add onion, then m add cabbage and capsicum.


    • Leave it for bake on high flame, add sweet corn, black pepper and salt after some time at least 5 minutes.


    • Then add 1 tsp schezwan ketchup, 2 tsp tomato ketchup, 1 tsp chili grain to it.


    • After that warm up a thick frying pan, pour oil with the help of a brush.


    • Now place the pizza base on it and allow it to roast for 2 minute, and spread the mixture of vegetables prepared in it, add a lot of cheese and on the top put pieces of paneer.


    • Envelop it and bake on medium flame for 1 to 2 minute. We have to cook until the cheese melts.


    • In last extract it out in a plate, cut it into four parts and serve it with ketchup.

Process of preparation of pizza at home in microwave

  1. Process of preparation of pizza at home in microwave
    • In a big bowl put all the things like onion, capsicum, cabbage, sweet corn, salt, lemon juice, black pepper, chili flakes and mix in a proper way.


    • Then first spread the schezwan ketchup on the pizza base.


    • Then top of the pizza base spread the mixture of vegetables.


    • Also then spread the cheese and paneer on top of pizza base.


    • Then warm up the microwave in oven mode for 10 minutes, after that put the pizza in it and microwave it for 10-15 minutes.


    • In last extract it out and cut it into 4 pieces and serve it with hot tomato ketchup.
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Through what ways pizza could be prepared at home?

Pizza can be made easily at home; it can be made in microwave, tawa or pan.

What are the essential ingredients for Pizza?

Most important for pizza, its base, red chilli sauce, cheese, some vegetables (onion, tomato, sweet corn, capsicum), Italian spices.

What is Pizza?

Pizza is mainly a dish of Italy. It can also be prepared at home in easy steps as mentioned above.

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