How to make Bengali Rasgulla

Thera are very east steps with we can make Bengali rasgulla at home.
Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 30 min Cook Time 37 min Rest Time 10 min Total Time 1 hr 17 mins


There are many sweets, but only a few are special. Similarly, sponge rasgulla also comes in these special sweets. We eat it on any happy occasion. Although this is a Bengali rasgulla, it is liked by people from all over the country and abroad. You can make Bengali rasgulla at your home birthday party or at small parties too.

The preparation of rasgulla can be done by adding arrowroot to fresh chenna or without adding arrowroot. Rasgullas will be slightly spongy if made by adding arrowroot and too much delicious. Rasgullas will be spongier if prepared without adding arrowroot to chenna.
Now, these days we usually prepare rasgullas without arrowroot. If we have less time then we can make rasgullas by boiling them inside a cooker.

Please keep in mind that to prepare chenna, always cool the milk a little. If you want to cool the milk then please add a half cup of water to it immediately. Chenna becomes soft, and Rasgullas prepare for this Chenna becomes spongy by doing this.

Rasgullas will be hard if Chenna is hard.
Chenna balls will break and get dissipated if these were not put in boiling water.
In Odisha, it is believed that rasgulla was made there for the first time. It is said that this sweet was born in the Jagannath temple of Puri. According to this story, when Lord Jagannath returned after the Rath Yatra, he found the door closed because Goddess Lakshmi was angry with him. His displeasure was because Jagannath did not take him with him. To persuade Ruthi Devi, Jagannath presents Rasgulla to her and the goddess agrees.

It is believed that this sweet was made in this village by the name of Kheermohan and after the fame spread, this sweet reached the temple. rasgulla is being made in Odisha since the 13th century.

Even now, when God returns to the temple after the Rath Yatra, rasgulla only saves him from the wrath of the Goddess.
You must have heard about Bengali rasgulla which can be prepared at home now also. And when it comes to rasgulla, Kisi Das will be mentioned. It is claimed that rasgulla was invented by Nobin Chandra Das in 1868. Nobin Chandra Das used to run a sweet shop in the Bagbazar area of Kolkata. He invented rasgulla in the competition of Sandesh/Sondesh.

It is said that once Seth Rai Bahadur Bhagwandas Bagla was going somewhere with his family. When one of his sons felt thirsty, he got the buggy stopped near Nobin Dash’s shop. Not only did Nobin give water to the thirsty child, but he also gave Bengali rasgulla which he liked very much. He asked his father to eat it. Seth also liked this sweet very much and bought it for his family and friends. Just then this sweet became famous all over the city.

difference between the Bengali rasgulla and oriya rasgulla?

Rasgulla of Odisha is slightly bigger in size and dark in colour; it is not completely white. While the rasgulla of West Bengal is completely white, the size is also such that everyone can eat it conveniently. The people of Bengal, spread all over the world, have made it famous all over the world, and today Bengali rasgulla is sweetening the mouths of the whole world which can pe preparaed at home also.

Started with 50 types of ragweed in 2016 and today has crossed the figure of 300. The best-selling rasgullas

The nutritional value of Bengali rasgullas prepared at home is very good. They are light to eat, but their high sugar content can play havoc with your weight loss plan, hinder muscle growth, and lead to other lifestyle diseases like diabetes.
It takes some time to make it, but making it is not a difficult task. You can make it easily by yourself, and it does not take much time to make it.

Please take a look and how Bengali rasgulla is prepared and what we will need to prepare it


  1. First of all, put the milk on to boil, and after the milk turn off the gas

    And leave it for 2 minutes. Then put vinegar in it and mix it slowly. And you will see that your milk has curdled

    Now put a cotton cloth on a vessel and put the curdled milk in it. After that wash it with cold water in a proper way. So that whatever sourness of vinegar is removed from it.

    Then remove the water by pressing it with light hands. Don't release too much water from the paneer; otherwise, it will harden and the rasgulla will not be good.

    Then leave it tight for two to three hours.

    Then put a pan on the gas and put 1 cup of sugar, 4 cups of water, and cardamom in it, and let the sugar dissolve on low heat.

    Till then we make paneer balls, and for that take out the paneer on a plate.

    Then mix it with the back of your hand.

    Then put flour in it and mix it again for 5 minutes.

    And here you can see that our batter is leaving a little ghee, which means our batter is ready to make rasgulla.


    Then take a little batter and make balls one by one, and see if there are no cracks in the balls; if there are, your batter is made here; our balls are well made, so we will make plain balls like this.
    Here, I have made all the balls for rasgulla.

    And by then your sugar syrup would also be ready. Make the gas flame a little high and put the rasgulla tablet

    After a while, you will see that the size of Bengali rasgula has doubled from what it was supposed to be.

    Saka means your Bengali rasgulla is cooked well. Now turn off the gas and leave it to cool down for a while.

    Then take it out in a bowl and leave it to cool for 2–3 hours (do not keep it in the fridge).

    Then take it out in a serving bowl and serve


Do not remove excess water from the paneer.
Rasgulla's balls should be very smooth. There should not be any cracks in it; otherwise, the rasgulla may burst into the sugar syrup.
The sugar syrup should be boiling while you are pouring the rasgulla balls.
Preparation of Bengali rasgulla is very easy as we have seen

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